The Song of The Sysadmin

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Sulle note di "Everybody wants to rule the world" dei Tears For Fears

Hey, look I did it!
What the heck have you done now?
While you were away
Oh crap

I always wanted this
I'll break your arms
Everybody wants to use Exchange!

I can change the color!
You moron!
Look how nice the icons
You cretin!

We have the webmail too!
We had that before!
Everybody wants to use Exchange!

I have now one gig of emails!
You had more before!
And is almost for free!
The license is ten thousands!

Ok is a little slow now
And is just a quad core!
Everybody wants to use Exchange!

Maybe we need more ram
But it has eight gig already!
Everybody wants to use Exchange!

Look, I'm a sysadmin too now
But what have we here?
Everybody wants to use Exchange!

It almost look like a viru...
Oh shit...
Everybody wants to use Exchange!

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